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    This is a series of instructional notes and articles which, it is intended, will gradually grow. It is not intended to form an integrated set but, rather, each article has been produced to meet a specific demand. As such I hope that the information is more useful and relevant than otherwise might be the case. The content of these pages will evolve in sudden outbursts, so please visit them occasionally to see if there's anything new.

    You may find that the formatting of some of the articles has gone wrong. This is the fault of Micro$oft, Netscape and the designers of HTML for not using the same standards. Please let me know what you find.

    At the moment there are a few audio samples somewhere or other on the site. These will probably work but in case they don't, especially on newer computers that treat older audio and video formats with contempt, the following link may be of use: It seems that the clever chaps at Microsoft can't get their browser thingies to work properly if other browsers are competing for control of the file types associated with video and audio files.


                A series of articles about technical and practical aspects of ringing.


                A collection of compositions of types not normally found. Currently the collection contains 240s of Doubles and compositions of Minor methods.

        Conducting Course under constant development!

                The notes used for the Derby Diocesan Association series of conducting courses.

        Crib Sheets

                A set of self contained sheets giving hints and tips about a range of standard methods.

        Examples Of Ringing

                A set of recordings of bells, real and synthesised, with good and bad ringing.


                A glossary of ringing terms common and less common.

        Gudgeon Pynn

                The tales of Gudgeon Pynn, an experienced ringer who has seen it all and wants to pass on his knowledge.

        Odds And Ends new!

                Curious and maybe even useful facts and tips about all aspects of ringing.


                Exercises in various aspects of ringing.

        Using A Ringing Simulator

                A plan for the development of listening skills and rhythm with the use of a ringing simulator.


                Here you will find some ringing software that you may find useful.


Please send comments and suggestions for additional notes to the author.

There is also a home page of someone calling themselves Aunt Sally who writes some crappy little pieces in the Derby Diocesan Association newsletter for the Central and Southern Districts. Some of these pieces may have some merit.

Additional ringing resources can be found via the Central Council Web Pages or Roger Bailey's Change Ringing Resources page.

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